All Ways Forward

Life Coaching


Sherab Kloppenburg
The quality of leader that I most appreciate about Joanna is that she is able to support the group enough for the collective wisdom to percolate to the surface and allow us to tap into our power individually and together. Joanna is simple, not too wordy and right on the mark. Our gatherings were short and to the point which made them a precious resource instead of a time burden.
  • 5-star
  • Sherab Kloppenburg
  • Architect, Designer,
  • Artist

Morgan Bricca
Joanna is a great listener and asks all the right questions. She “unlocks” in me authentic responses to my own business and life challenges. Since working with her I have become more clear on what is important to me about my work, and how my business can be a part of my bigger vision without swallowing up my life entirely. My business has been growing gang busters since i started working with Joanna. I have learned how to think backwards from the results I want more clearly so I know what actions to take now. Joanna is upbeat, encouraging, safe, and thoughtful. I highly recommend working with Joanna for greater clarity in your business and life!
  • 5-star
  • Morgan Bricca
  • Murals by Morgan
  • Los Altos, California

Natalie Fijalkowski
Joanna Kanow is amazing at taking you through the steps it takes to organize your life. She makes it so simple for you to see what needs to be done next, and hold you accountable in a way that motivates you to actually accomplish your goals.
  • 5-star
  • Natalie Fijalkowski
  • Owner-Operator Arborist Services
  • Telluride, Colorado

Shawna LaBorde
Joanna has a gift when it comes to turning ideas/dreams into reality and she is great at helping others do the same. She helps define and set attainable goals, shows the importance of accountibility and supports without pushing too hard. I enjoy working with her and look forward to future opportunities.
  • 5-star
  • Shawna LaBorde
  • Senior Director at Nerium
  • International

Norma Lachance
JAs a coach, Joanna provides me with empowering insights and allows me to choose the most strategic path to further my business and family life. Her enthusiasm for my success inspires me to move forward.
  • 5-star
  • Norma Lachance
  • Owner: Work In Progress Coaching
  • Alberta, Canada

Vivi Tutt
Joanna, my life coach and trip leader was was just terrific and had great advice all along. She welcomed me with tea and I was able to share feelings freely with her. My energy is at a great higher level now! This coaching gave me the opportunity to take care of myself fully again, listening to my body understand my true desires and actually do something about it, not just talk about wanting change, with the guidance of Joanna, I actually did something about it!
  • 5-star
  • Vivi Tutt
  • Photographer

Joan May
My definition of a leader is someone who can help others find their own strengths, and Joanna has a very positive, gentle and intuitive ability to do just that.
  • 5-star
  • Joan May
  • County Commissioner San Miguel County,
  • CO

Molly Black
Joanna is a gifted coach as she is able to cull out what the real issues and challenges are and then is quickly able to identify what actions need to be taken. I highly recommend her!
  • 5-star
  • Molly Black
  • Independent Consultant Guidewire Software,
  • San Francisco, California

Amy Bastow
Joanna helps her clients to manifest more positivity in their day to day lives. Joanna will help you to gain back confidence in your abilities and shift your perception of failure to opportunity.
  • 5-star
  • Amy Bastow
  • Customer Support Manager at Vancouver,
  • British Columbia, Canada