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Start Managing your Diabetes

Anyone also living with the challenge of Diabetes feels like part of my tribe.  If you are on this same adventure as me,  managing blood sugar around the clock, I get it and understand this part of your life.

I have been living a healthy, adventurous and fulfilling life with Type 1 Diabetes for the past 8 years.  For me, when I was diagnosed, I learned quickly what kind of new habits I needed to commit to and made some significant lifestyle changes, in order to continue to live a full and exciting life without missing a beat.  Five years later, we got double whammied, when my then 9 year old daughter was also diagnosed with Type 1.  I was forced to learn even more  about living with and now parenting to this great challenge twice in our lives. This experience alone has given me quite the education and expertise on how to do this, keep positive, stay healthy, find balance, be forgiving, roll with the blood sugars, and not let the big D stop me from living my wildest dreams.

I am now at the point where I want to share my skills and services as a life coach with anyone stepping up to the challenge of Diabetes in life.   My work as a life coach and helping people down a new path, also includes my service to my Tribe of other Diabetics, Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 (loved ones of Diabetics).

I coach people on issues like overcoming emotional eating, learning how to make healthy eating a natural part of life, embracing diabetes management, coping with diabetes-related emotional burdens, and making exercise a bigger priority. Part of that involves self-esteem development and actually teaching people how to exercise, creating programs for both beginners and more advanced athletes.

My Coaching focus on the manifestation of one’s future, making their dreams come to fruition with accountability and action steps designed to keep moving forward.

While educators are trained to teach patients what they need to do to be healthy and manage their diabetes, my purpose of a Coach for diabetes is to help my clients figure out how to put those instructions into practice. I help you focus more on helping my clients proactively navigating around the obstacles and challenges that may be blocking them from living the life they want to live. I would be honored to be of service to you.