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phone appThe “Start Asking” is intended to help people have deeper conversations and promote more authentic connections by simply asking each other questions live in-person.

I developed this app in order to get people talking, eye to eye, in the same space, face to face, instead of screen to the face. A database of open ended good questions are now at your disposal, in your pocket, which will help to facilitate stimulating conversation, in real time, instead of through text, social media, and the typed word.

Loaded with over 500 good questions that will propel users to share values, experiences, opinions, and stories, this app is what everyone looking to connect with others on a deeper level needs.

Spin the dial to select who you are talking to: a total stranger, work colleague, romantic interest, family member etc. and where: over a drink, at the office, at school etc. and the app will generate appropriate questions based on the person you are with.

Simply thumbs up or thumbs down the questions to create folders of your favorites.


If you had a warning label, what would yours say? What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you? When is the last time you listened to your gut feeling?

The “Start Asking” app is for people ages 11-101 who are looking for more real friends than social media friends. It is for the person who desires personal exchanges instead of public posts and people who would rather talk to a smiling face instead of a silvery screen. Really, I made this app for people who are yearning for connection rather than isolation.

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Recent research shows that the majority of smart phone users pick up their device more than 214 times a day and four in ten users admit to feeling lost without their device. And in general, people are feeling more alone, isolated and disconnected from each other.

This app is meant to encourage smart phone users to ask good questions and then put the phone down, in order to experience genuine stimulating conversations as they unfolds.

Let’s deconstruct the culturally accepted phone etiquette that says what ever is going on in your digital device takes president over the person you are with. It is too normal now to see three friends, sitting next to each other on a bench, all engaged with something going on in their phone instead of engaging with those whom they are with. Let’s take a moment to take the ear buds out of our lobes and become more interested in what is going on around us, instead of what is going on online.

The “Start Asking” is for people who are willing to lend the purity of their attention to the person they are with and engage with them through authentic conversation, than this app is for you.

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