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Mastermind Groups

Be Part of A Mastermind group

Do you have some big idea in your head that you have wanted to START UP but just have not yet?

Are you interested in Creating or Making something and just need a sound board and some momentum to get it started?

Do you have a great new business idea or game changing plan, but just don’t know how to go at it alone?

Are you looking for community, camaraderie, and collaboration by a non-judgmental and non-competitive group where you can share your thoughts and ideas?

Do you want support, accountability, goal setting, and a group of like minded “MAKERS” to discuss your next steps and game plans?

Is Someone or Something Stopping you from Moving Forward with your Desire to make this happen?

Are you getting in your own way? Second guessing yourself, letting your doubts ground your project?

Then a Mastermind Group is right for you.

I facilitate Mastermind groups in order to help people support each other and their unique ideas in a non-threatening, co-operative and creative forum. Each “maker” gets time to share their ideas, progress, obstacles and ask questions to the group as a way to help keep their individual project going.