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If you are slightly considering participating in the Spring Cleanse, Read this:

If you are thinking about participating in the next cleanse with us starting May 2,  but you want to know a bit more about what to expect.  Please read this Testimonial from Raleigh Coburn who participated in the cleanse last fall, and actually had such a major dietary shift after the experience, she ran out the detox diet for another 8 months.   She discovered, through the gentle shift away from certain foods and drinks that were no longer serving her body good.  The cleanse allowed her to form a whole new foundation for eating that has given her more energy and clarity that she that motivated her enough to make the changes permanent and still continues to do so,  8 months later!   Read On what Raleigh had to say about her experience in her words: “I recently participated in a 12-Day Group Cleanse with Joanna Kanow from All Ways Forward Life Coaching.  I wasn’t sure if I had the time or motivation to participate in this Cleanse but my body and mind were screaming for a little TLC.  And that is exactly what I got from this Cleanse!  12 Days of gathering and communicating ( in person and via Facebook and email) with other like-minded, motivated Cleansers was an added benefit. We met each morning at a lovely home in Telluride where Joanna prepared delicious hot drinks, breakfasts, snacks and even a hot lunch to take home one day!  Our group discussed our challenges and successes.  We shared ideas.  We learned new recipes.  We motivated each other.  It was fun! The Cleanse itself was not difficult.  Even though we cut out things from our diet like processed foods, meat, sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol and caffeine the first three days, we replaced them with loads of nutritious fruits, veggies, broths, smoothies, soups, nuts, seeds, etc.  We did not limit our caloric intake, we just limited what foods went into our bodies.  I ate a lot and felt very satisfied.  My body and mind responded so positively to this new diet.  I had more energy, I slept better, my mood improved, my digestive system functioned optimally and I lost some of those pesky new pounds that were making my pants fit a little too tight! We ended our 12-Day cleanse with a delicious potluck dinner gathering.  It was so fun to share some of our new foods and celebrate our accomplishment.  The Cleanse was so successful for me that I decided to make permanent changes to my diet moving forward.  I am making a concerted effort to eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc. and am limiting the foods in my diet that make me feel less than optimal.  Overall this Cleanse was a huge success and was the kick in the butt I needed to give my body and mind the TLC it needs, craves and deserves! I am so grateful to Joanna for organizing this and coaching our group through this successful Cleanse.  Joanna is one of the more passionate and compassionate people I know.  She is motivated to help others make positive changes in their lives .  She facilitated our Cleanse with humility and grace.  Her knowledge and encouragement helped make our Cleanse fun, easy and, for me, life-changing.  I will definitely participate in more Cleanses and Coaching activities with Joanna in the future. I have to say the morning gatherings at your house were awesome!  I loved dropping my kids at school and heading over there for healthy drinks and breakfast/snacks and motivating conversation.  It also made me feel like I was getting “something” for my $$.  I can and have done cleanses on my own over the years so to pay someone to do a cleanse was a new concept for me and worth every penny!   THANK YOU JOANNA!  I hope to join you again for a Spring Cleanse! XORaleigh   And, yes, she is signed up for a refresher-reset this Spring Cleanse, and many “graduates” plan to attend again for their 2nd and 3rd times. It is just good for the system to do a formal cleanse at least once if not twice a year. If you are interested in signing up you can do it here: EVENT

Forget the Resolution, do this instead.

How to Start UP

Anything completely new 

In your life

A Game Plan in order to Get Started

Are you ready to start:

A new business, blog, workout regimen? Are you dreaming about a whole new chapter in your life and ready to finally make that happen?  This START-UP guide will help you finally get going and keep going on your game changing ideas! Take these steps to make your vision become reality.

A Manifesto for the Holiday Season

I must admit I LOST my cool. Ok, actually, I totally flew off the handle as the nuttiness of the holiday season had already started making me batty, and it was only early December. I wish I loved the hum of Christmas muzak. I wish I rejoiced in the offerings of sugary treats placed in front of my face wherever I turned. I wish I got excited about shopping, in malls and online, black Friday deals, and consumerism in general. But, I DON’T, and therefore I don’t seem to do so well when December and the “holiday season” rolls around.

Thanks you for My Wild Ride

I set out riding in the dark hours of the early dawn in the desert of Tucson with 9,000 other cyclists. Five hundred of them where on my team, wearing the same bike jersey. I did not know many of them personally, but the matching JDRF uniform indicated that we were each some how effected by Type 1 diabetes, and so we were instant teammates and tribe. Even in some of the hot long stretches of the cactus dotted desert, I did not feel alone. I had friends everywhere, people who knew why I was riding, what I was riding with and for. YOU and the other 51people that supported me by donating to this WILD RIDE propelled me forward.