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jo_2Maybe More than You really wanted to Know About Me:

I grew up in Los Angeles, California filling all of my waking hours playing soccer, my first love. I spent my summers at Skylake Yosemite Camp backpacking and sleeping under the stars, where I found my second love, the mountains!

For college, I was recruited to play soccer at UC Berkeley, but ended up switching sports to Ultimate Frisbee with other burnt-out college athletes, and took my first and only national championship title. I studied Conservation Resource Studies, and then, like now, was looking for a way I could help save the environment and be in service to the world.

I felt I could be most effective by teaching children a love for nature and imprint upon them a stewardship for the earth. I started a non-profit organization that took multi-cultural groups of teens backpacking, with the hopes that given a real outdoor experience in the wild, they would change their relationship to nature and wake up to becoming stewards of the earth.

I spent a year in collage living abroad in Granada, Spain where I became fluent in Spanish and learned how to travel solo. I picked up a book on how to bike tour and proceeded to travel from Cairns to Sydney, Australia; the entire coast of California; the islands of Hawaii; and the White Rim of Utah, all by the power of my own two legs. In the summers, I would guide outward bound style backpacking trips for youth. This is where I met my husband, as we were paired together to be fearless leaders of a group of teenagers for two weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail in the Trinity Alps in Northern California.

After college I knew that I wanted to live in a small mountain town and teach school. I bee lined for Telluride, Colorado, a gorgeous and magical community surrounded by snowy peaks, which still does not have one traffic light in the whole county. In an effort to learn how to live more sustainably, I took an internship on a high-altitude solar-powered organic farm and was taught, for the first time, how to grow food and care for plants and soil.

In 1997 I began teaching in a one room school house with 40 kids from K-12 on the Lost Coast of Northern, California heated by a wood stove, lit by solar power, plumbed with spring water, and equiped with a composting toilet. I lived in a small cabin among redwood trees, in a community that refused phone and power lines. There, I taught Oceanography, PE, Spanish, River Ecology, and Health. I was also in charge of loading my students into vans and taking them on experiential education adventures away from their rural home. I obtained my teaching credential in Elementary Education from Humbolt State University in 2000. I then returned to Telluride to teach Spanish in the public school.

I got married to my artist husband and we moved back to Telluride, Colorado. Three years later, our first daughter, Ayla, was born and we looked for a way to work for ourselves to get ample time with our new baby.  Taking a huge financial risk, we bought a piece of real estate to fix up and resell. Of course, being environmentalists, we used only the most sustainable building materials to improve the property, like natural clay walls, bamboo floors, non-toxic paints, and recycled glass countertops. The response in regard to these beautiful materials was overwhelming and the sale of this property, and then a second and a third, was greatly successful. In order to fill a niche, as well as our desire to do better for the environment, my husband and I opened a Green Building Materials Design and Supply showroom called EcoSpaces and suddenly were entrepreneurs selling non-toxic, sustainable, recycled and recyclable building materials. We owned this business for 6 years. During this time I learned graphic design and blogging, became a DJ on the radio, started a massive garden on my property, summited many mountains on skis and foot, learned to play the drums, and started a few blogs. Next, my second daughter ShaiAnn was born and we had our family of four.  Then, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I changed my diet to raw vegan foods, I competed in a triathlon and a 100 mile bike race, honed in on a  yoga and meditation practitioner, and started writing a Young Adult fiction novel. Here is where I learned and mastered the life/work balance that keeps me going and what it takes to START UP many habits completely new in my life.

I think my discipline, health, dedication, and positive attitude rubbed off on those around me, and people started gravitating toward me for council. They wanted to know how I became so enthusiastic about living my dreams and designing my life based on my passions. That is when I realized that I might be able to be of service to others who want to keep moving in All Ways Forward and start down a new path. I graduated from Coach Training Alliance in 2014 and became a top certified life coach.

That brings me here, in service to you, as a life coach, helping you take the leap and support you in taking the steps needed to finally get going and keep going with your big plans for your life.  I hope to connect with you soon.


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    Daniel Kanow


    Wow, well I am finally looking at all parts of your website and want to say it looks really good. I am impressed with your About page and how you have laid out your life, love, and challenges of what has made you what you are. You are being real and should be proud of yourself. I love you and thanks for being my wife and life partner.

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